Where in the world is The Bearded Lady?

Right now (as of, and for the duration of, winter 2012) Amiee can be found at Bang Bang Body Arts, at 7 Armory Street, Northampton, MA.

Amiee The Bearded Lady at Bang Bang Body Arts Northampton


Appointments are, logically, available by appointment, and said appointments can be made by calling 413-727-3025. Amiee, the Bearded Lady, of Bearded Lady Piercings, With Bobby

Amiee is pickticularly available Sundays 10-6, and Mondays and Tuesdays from 11-8.

Poke it!

2 Responses to “Where in the world is The Bearded Lady?”

  1. Joe Tefft Says:

    Hey Amiee, you set me up with a killer rack this summer in PTown- I love them. Quick question about having to get chest X-rays, will they have to come out for that? Can I do that or should I stop by a salon before the appt?


  2. Tawanda adams Says:

    I’m interested in getting my hood pierced mt friend had piercing done by you in the past love your professionalife work ethics can we schedule an appointment

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