butch butch art lesbian art lesbian butch art lesbian butch artwork exhibit lesbain butch photography  black and white photography lesbian photosgraphy bearded lady art bearded lady piercing art opening April 4 at the Mill Arts Project on 116 Pleasant St Easthampton MA Butch Dyke Not Like Other Queer manly women Vancouver BC Photographer SD Holman Butch Project Born Butch Perverse Female Masculinity Transgress  Gender binary Sizes shapes ethnicity Styles of Butch Transversal dialectic Unapologetic and undiluted Mercurial  beauty Bearded lady art show Easthampton Eastworks leatherdyke WARNING – Chemicals will not help your body to heal faster. Quite the opposite in fact. Chemicals of any kind will upset the balance within your newly forming cells and create a condition in which your piercing will heal tremendously slowly. (if ever.) DO NOT USE: Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bactine®, Ear Care Solutions (or any other benzalkonium chloride solutions), or Antibacterial soaps (such as liquid Dial® or Softsoap®). Stay away from any and
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all active ingredients in daily-use products.

Products You Can Use
How to Clean Your Piercing
What Else Can I Do?
A Normal Piercing…
How Can I Tell If I Have an Infection?
I Think I Have an Infection. What Should I Do?
Common Problems You Can Avoid

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If you have questions not answered here, please contact me, Amiee (pronounced Ahmee): 413.586.0829, or beardedlady62{at}

Products You Can Use

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Castille Proven Medicated Soap
Oatmeal Soap
Generic Saline Solution (for sensitive eyes only)
Olive Oil Soap
Sea Salt Mixture
Coconut Soap
Sodium Chloride
Glycerin Soap


Butch – Not Like the Other Girls

Exhibition by SD Holman at Eastworks , April 4 – May 4 , 2014

Easthampton, MA: US premiere of SD Holman’s show, BUTCH: Not like the other girls, will be exhibited at the Mill Arts Project MAP (Eastworks 116 Pleasant Street suite 137, Easthampton, MA ) from April 4 – May 4, 2014, with an opening party April 4th 7pm – 9pm. BUTCH is a photographic exploration of the liminal spaces occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities. Curated by local resident of the valley over 20 years, Amiee Joy Ross, the exhibit is free and open to the public…. (click for more info)

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