Who is The Bearded Lady


Butch – Not Like the Other Girls

Exhibition by SD Holman at Eastworks , April 4 – May 4 , 2014
Easthampton, MA: US premiere of SD Holman’s show, BUTCH: Not like the other girls, will be exhibited at the Mill Arts Project MAP (Eastworks 116 Pleasant Street suite 137, Easthampton, MA ) from April 4 – May 4, 2014, with an opening party April 4th 7pm – 9pm. BUTCH is a photographic exploration of the liminal spaces occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities. Curated by local resident of the valley over 20 years, Amiee Joy Ross, the exhibit is free and open to the public…. (click for more info)

I am/how I see myself/what others see (in no pickticular order):

dork butch working class scorpio perv beardo scar tat spokes big f#%&! ear scary goomba shy hopeless romantic lezzie titty poker (n other parts) dog fan beardedlady bad speller rowdy latent jew cartoon fun shit starter star fucker wandering jew chubster chub chaser brat dog goofball late nite burner dead funny.

I like poking/perforating/puncturing/piercing/bejeweling becuz it is a powerful and humbling experience to help people simultaneously face pain and beauty in a heartbeat. We are all having a human experience, some folk get pierced for aesthetics and this is good and fine I like shiny things too. Some come for reclaiming and taking their body back from others imprinting, some of us love a good ritual. Some to make themselves pretty against and in spite what society sez surrounding the acceptable “beauty standards”. Others still want to wear a jewel that belonged to a loved one. It’s a declaration of independence at any age. Control of one’s own not just destiny but body.

My formal training as a piercer began with a course with teachers Fakir Musafar,
Ken Coyete, Erik Dakota and Idexa. This course covered material concerning over 30 piercings, ritual piercings, cultural origins of piercing, aftercare, anatomy, placement, jewelry and tool implementation, proper cleaning and sterilization, and shop management.

I also had the opportunity to observe Raelyn Gallina doing piercing, cutting, and branding work. This period of observation compounded the knowledge learned with Fakir and help to actualize the practice of piercing. I am ever grateful for learning with Raelyn and honors her as my sensei (one who goes first).


The interview video to the left comes from CapeCast: The Slim Down Challenge rolls on with a twist–Susan celebrates her weight loss by getting her belly button pierced by the Bearded Lady in Provincetown!



2 Responses to “Who is The Bearded Lady”

  1. I have a huge crush on you. I want to drive to the coast NOW!!!!!

  2. Patricia Says:

    You have so nailed it….life is about experiencing life, and why do so many individuals limit their own experience of who they are and what they want to experience during their limited time alive by fearing the rules or expectations of other people? Hey, they can have their own experience….and we will each have ours. Individual life is what it is about…so go enjoy life while you have it…’cause later is too late. Live your own life, not someone else’s.
    Says the lady who chooses to have electrolosis…but that’s my life choice!
    I will have to meet you next time I am in PTown.
    Enjoy the day!
    Patricia (Beth’s mom)

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