In provincetown for my reception last summer, with Gershon and David

I am not Amiee, I am her friend, Mo, and I did some convincing, encouraging and cajoling to be able to make this blog for Amiee, arguing/debating/resuading that her clients might want a place to discuss, chat, share their experiences, and perhaps even meet each other by way of the comments sections, which often, in blogs, become a salon of sorts.

And I did this because I know Amiee to be among the kindest, most generous, loyal, affectionate, and protective friends and so I especially wanted to create this space for her clients to share with her their gratitude and pictures of their piercings, and I did it all for some swag and perhaps a piercing myself, if I can conjure up the nerve. For what better addition to your wardrobe that a Piercings by the Bearded Lady t-shirt or sweatshirt? Bumper sticker or… whatever new swag she will come up with next?

with friends

So, if you wish to share you experiences please use the comments section freely. There will be a slight delay in comments being posted because I will be moderating them as being a unique person such as Amiee is bound to bring the crazies out of the woodwork, but all kind and respectful comments will be posted, usually in abotu 24 hours. If you have images of your piercings you woudl like to share, including a caption if you wish, you can send them to me at jb168551[at]gmail[dot]com and I promise to post them in a to-be-created gallery page.

So please enjoy the blog and contribute as much as you would like to comments and images and check back to see your contributions posted.

Best wishes for a bejeweled, perforated, poked, pierced and fantastic summer. :-0


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